Package builtin

Package builtin defines MPCL builtin functions and types. This package is always imported and the functions and types can be used in all programs.


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func copy
func copy(dst, src []Type) int32
func floorPow2
func floorPow2(v int) int

The floorPow2 built-in function returns the power of 2 number that is smaller than or equal to the argument value.

func len
func len(v Type) int32

The len built-in function returns the length of the argument value, according to its type:

Array:  the number of elements in the array
String: the number of bytes in the string
func native
func native(name string) []Type

The native built-in function loads native circuit from the named file. The circuit must be located in the same directory as the calling MPCL script. The native built-in function supports the following circuit formats:

.circ   Bristol circuit format
.mpclc  compiled MPCL circuit format
func size
func size(v Type) int32

The size built-in function returns the size of the argument value in bits. The argument value can be of any type.


type bool bool

bool is a boolean value true or false.

type byte = uint8

byte is an alias for unsigned 8-bit integer numbers.

type intSize int

intSize is a Size-bit signed integer number. The signed integer numbers can be instantiated in any bit sizes.

type rune = int32

rune is an alias for int32.

type stringSize string

stringSize defines Size-bit long string.

type uintSize uint

uintSize is a Size-bit unsigned integer number. The unsigned integer numbers can be instantiated in any bit sizes.